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  1. 사자
  2. 내일은 없다(Feat. lIlBOI, nafla)
  3. 그리고 돌아섰다
  4. 추락
  5. 우린 결국 그렇게(Feat. Seori)
  6. 그럴 수도 아닐 수도(Feat. JINBO)
  7. 엉망진창
  8. 그땐 어렸으니까
  9. 시공간
  10. 어쩌라고
  11. 사자(Inst.) (CD Only)
  12. 내일은 없다(Inst.) (CD Only)
  13. 그리고 돌아섰다(Inst.) (CD Only)
  14. 추락(Inst.) (CD Only)
  15. 우린 결국 그렇게(Inst.) (CD Only)
  16. 그럴 수도 아닐 수도(Inst.) (CD Only)
  17. 엉망진창(Inst.) (CD Only)
  18. 그땐 어렸으니까(Inst.) (CD Only)
  19. 시공간(Inst.) (CD Only)
  20. 어쩌라고(Inst.) (CD Only)

*앨범 사양

- 디지팩 2단

- 커버: 142mm X 125mm X 9mm

- 부클릿: 120mm X 120mm / 32p

- CD: 1종

- 포토 카드: 55mm X 85mm / 3종 중 1종 랜덤 삽입


1. Lion.

2. There is no tomorrow (Feat. lIlBOI, nafla)

3. And then I turned around.

4. Fall.

5. We ended up like that (Feat. Seoi)

6. It may or may not be (Feat. JINBO)

7. It's a mess.

8. I was young back then.

9. Time and space.

10. So what?

11. Lion (Inst.) (CD Only)

12. There's no tomorrow (Inst.) (CD Only)

13. And turned around (Inst.) (CD Only)

14. Fall (Inst.) (CD Only)

15. We ended up like that (inst.) (CD Only)

16. It may or may not be (Inst.) (CD Only)

17. Messy (Inst.) (CD Only)

18. Since I was young back then (Inst.) (CD Only)

19. Time and space (Inst.) (CD Only)

20. So what? (Inst.) (CD Only)

*Album specification

2nd level of Digi Pack.

- Cover: 142mm × 125mm × 9mm

- Booklet: 120mm × 120mm / 32p

- CD: Type 1

- Photo card: 55mm x 85mm / Random insertion of one of the three.

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